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Plug Screw
Drain Pipe (Housing)
Various Products
Various Products
Piston and Furnace Chain Link
Two Step Throat
Drive Nozzle and Throat Sleeve
Spool Piece and Andritz Shaft Sleeve
Liner Casing and Segment Chipper
Rotor Fan
Impeller Fan and Flinger Nut
Stator Disc
Split Casing and Distance Sleeve Rin
Pressure Housing and Discharge Screw
Defibrator Housing
Comb Plate and Bark Shredder
Drum Chipper Rotor
Inlet Chute

Other Industries

Professional Hardfacing Service Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor of J&L Fiber Services refiner plate for MDF mills in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

J&L Fiber Services is a world leader in providing innovative pulp, paper and board process optimization solutions. Core products include refiner plates, and refiner fillings for all pulp, paper, MDF and other board applications.

J&L is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A., home of state-of-the-art facilities for refiner plates, conical disc fillings, screen cylinders and rotors.

Whether it's the introduction of durable, high performance alloys, unique plate designs or unsurpassed screen technologies, we're always thinking about ways to improve your mill's productivity

We can help you increase your mill’s performance. That’s because J&L consistently provides innovative process optimization solutions. Let us put our knowledge and resources to work for you. More importantly, we offer excellent after-sale service.

We offer smart partnership with customers to reduce energy consumption, improve the fibre quality and increase profitability.

Products & Services

Parts and component wear are unavoidable during operation, particularly in the area of mechanical processing. Wear can be caused by adhesion, abraison, surface ruin and tribochemical reactions resulting in costly maintenance repair and loss productivity. These parts and components can be reconditioned by hardfacing technology, in the same way new parts and components can be hardfaced to extend service life.

Our vast experience in hardfacing technology gives the flexibility for single and multiple coatings with a wide choice of hardfacing alloy materials for both production and prototype components.

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